Francisco Duarte
Francisco Duarte grew in a dense literary environment. His parents read much and from many different genres, but what really fascinated him were those stories which involved mystery and wonder, and where strong characters grew to outcome their personal flaws and give shining examples of great humanity. With time he began to write about these very themes in the hope of touching his readers with the same awe and joy he felt while reading the classics of his childhood.

Having studied Anthropology, he’s also well versed in cultural dynamics and the depths of the human spirit, and uses this knowledge to create worlds of fancy balanced with an eerily realism, aiming to bring long hours of thoughtful fun for those who dare to unfold them.
Dreams of Realities Forgotten
Reality is like a tapestry of light, endless lines of possibility intercrossing each other in an infinite pattern across the void beyond. But the Pattern is under threat and is up to Clio, a lone messenger from a ruined timeline, to find the answer behind the erasing of Time itself.

Now, in one more desperate attempt to set the past right she stumbled upon Zak, a young medic who is unwittingly dragged into her fight. Clio will need to gain Zak’s trust so together they can save the world from the dark powers conspiring against it. And in the meanwhile she will also find something else that will change her life forever.
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