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More Than Love
by Mary Frances Cavallaro
Passionate Pasts
Historical Romance Collection
A tale of maturity, love, and passion, Mary Frances Cavallaro brings you headfirst into the world of young Fanny Dickens. This young, aspiring Shakespeare professor seems to have her life set with a fiancé in a small town back home, an exciting new job, and an attitude that rivals and rebels against her patriarchic society. Until she meets Robert Joy, a young man with a mysterious disposition that shakes Fanny's beliefs to the core....
A collection of 4 historical romance stories by four different authors. Stories include:

*The Widow’s Portion by JC Barker

*Dared to Propose by Tess Lynne

*La Cuentista (The Storyteller) by Bethany Van Sterling

*A War of Hearts by Jasmine Bowen

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The Blue Horse
by Jill Hand
The Kiss of Death
by Sarah Natale
Fact mixes with fantasy as a hairless blue horse discovered in South Africa in 1860, grazing with a herd of zebra, becomes the object of a quest by a trio of unlikely time travelers. Rosina, an intrepid Victorian young lady, her fiancé, Ned York, who was imprisoned in the Tower of London by his uncle, Richard III, and the irascible Olga from Czarist Russia must work together to obtain the horse from its owner, an amiable but none-too-bright English peer who has scandalized his neighbors by marrying a circus bareback rider...
Elizabeth Chauncey is a well-off young woman in 14th century London. Though she is considered nobility due to a distant relative, she refuses to think of herself as such. She is close to a childhood friend, Matthias de Bourgueville, with whom she spends much of her time. They have just returned from an outing at the theatre when her world is shaken up. Suddenly the servants have taken sick, and soon everyone in London is becoming ill with a mysterious disease. People are dying rapidly and the physicians can do little to halt the spread of disease...
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