Submission Guidelines

Kellan Publishing’s goal is to publish new, original and engaging short stories, novellas and novels and then provide these books to readers around the world.


About our Publications:

We accept three (3) types of works for Kellan Publishing.  They are as follows:

1. Collaborative: These are short stories – or novelettes - in the same genre. Typically the stories are around 10,000 words. Authors are paid a flat $25 after the story is accepted and ready for publication PLUS a bonus consisting of 10% royalties on sales made from their affiliate link (provided by Kellan Publishing). Kellan Publishing retains all rights to these stories.

2. Novellas: Typically 20,000 – 50,000 words.  Authors retain writer rights while Kellan Publishing has exclusive publishing rights. Authors earn 35% of sales after accrued fees and 50% of print sales after accrued fees.

3. Novels: Typically 50,000 plus words. The same conditions and terms as novellas apply.


We accept completed and finished works in many different genres (see below for a specific list).


Submission Process

To submit work for consideration for publishing, please provide the following information:

Note: All work must be original and free of copyright; have not been published before and author has the rights to the work.



Please submit your work in the following format:

     >>Times New Roman 12 Point Font
     >>Set paragraph lines to 1.5
     >>Left Alignment – do not justify
     >>Single space after each period, question mark and ending of a sentence.

     >>DO NOT use bold, graphics or different size of fonts or colors (you can use italics)

     >>DO NOT put in headers, footers or page numbers

     >>Do a hard return after each paragraph

     >>DO NOT insert page breaks.


Title of Story

By Your name (or pen name)

Chapter one (or however you name your chapters)


Chapter two



Do NOT put 'the end' at the end of the story


You MUST have your name in the file name that you submit

Submitt your work!

Please note the following information for filling out the submission form below:

1.  Genre is the genre of the book; ie romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy etc.  A sub genre is not needed for all genres, however, romance is one of the genres that will need a sub genre.  For example, if you are writing a fantasy romance, then Romance would be the genre and Fantasy would be the sub genre.

2.  The outline: What we are looking for is a basic outline that explains the events (in an outline chronological - by chapter type of thing) that happen in the book.  You do not have to list every chapter, just a beginning, some of the main points/challenges of the story and the resolutions to it.

3. The synopsis is not the same as an outline. It is a brief explanation about the story; something that could be used for the back of a book. The purpose is to provide the information that will entice and explain the story.

 Novel (50,000 + words)
 Novella (20,000-50,000 words)
 Novelette (12,000-20,000 words)

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Accepted Genres

(feel free to suggest one if you do not find something on our list)

Collaborative Stories:

Currently, we are only accepting submissions in the following romance sub-genres:

  • Historical
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Time Travel
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Paranormal


Novels and Novellas:

Non Fiction

  • Biographies
  • Health and Fitness
  • How-to or DIY
  • Self Help
  • Christian



  • High Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy


Mystery / Suspense

Paranormal / Supernatural


  • Historical
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Paranormal / Supernatural
  • Mystery / Suspense
  • Time Travel
  • Holiday Themed


Science Fiction


Please note that we do not accept gay/lesbian, pornographic, erotica, or explicit material. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse any submissions at our discretion.