Jeff Striker
Jeff Striker is a short story author and novelist. As a graduate of Fairmont State University in West Virginia, he holds degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, has written articles for local newspapers, and crafted various other unpublished novels in the past. Interestingly, The Last Recruit is the first of these to be released with more planned to come in the future.

Some descriptions found in his novels are taken directly from experiences Jeff had while travelling abroad. The Last Recruit specifically relates to a four-month temporary residency in South America, which was used to add realism and depth to the story. Jeff also supports Childhelp, (a non-profit organization which assists victims of child abuse) with a portion of the proceeds from the sales going directly to the organization.

When he isn’t working or writing, you will likely find him playing with his dachshund; Dora, or perhaps getting feedback on his latest bit of writing from his wife, where they currently reside in Virginia.
The Last Recruit
By Jeff Striker
James Walker always had a strong desire to help others. Now, as an adult, he has been selected to join an experimental research program which could benefit millions of people. Much to his dismay, Jim discovers he has become an unwilling pawn, in a game with much higher stakes.

Someone is ordering all the research facilities responsible for creating the nanotechnology that fuels his special abilities to be destroyed, but why?

Teamed with Dr. Elizabeth Stevens, the duo must find out whom or what is behind the threat before it leads to a much greater loss of life. With strong ties to a global organization that secretly funds the project, Jim must also learn if Elizabeth can be trusted, why she is withholding information vital to their mission, and why they are blocked at every turn.
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