Livian Grey
Livian Grey is a long-term writer of various genres, including drama and horror. Left to with very little to do growing up in the small coastal town of Australind, she began writing at eleven, scribbling many stories and sneakily writing in the back of her notebooks in school. The works of Clive Barker and Anne Rice kept her enthralled and keen to emulate their styles in the search for her own voice. Admonished by her teachers for daydreaming in class, she vowed to prove this would one day pay off by becoming a published author.

After spending three years at university to finish her Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Livian was eventually stuck in a menial office job but still managed to get some writing done in her spare time, going on to finish six works that have since been self-published. Now situated in Perth with her partner, she continues to write for fun and hopes to keep refining her skills as an author.

While on tour promoting his latest book, writer Stephen Brooks encounters Jacinta Collins, a young woman from his past who has an idea for his next project: An exposé on her recently deceased father. Jacinta reveals her father was a member of a cult named The Brotherhood of Karden, who was involved in the disappearances of several children.

Refusing initially, Stephen eventually decides to help Jacinta with her personal investigation into her father, and this leaves him open to threats from Renata Williams, a twisted woman with a dark and disturbing history. Desperate to protect his wife and daughter, but burdened with the guilt of knowing Jacinta’s secrets, Stephen must now decide how involved he wants to become in bringing Renata to justice, and if the chance to write another best seller is worth risking his daughter’s innocence, and his life.
Live to Tell
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