M.J. Casey
M.J. Casey was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1981. After finishing high school, he spent a large portion of his life working hard not to get a job. Despite his constant lack of employment, he still managed to scrape up enough money to travel overseas and live a reasonably luxurious life. After completing a diploma in Social Science and communication he went on to get a degree in Fine Art, with other short courses and benefit seeking ventures in between. After milking government support for too many years he eventually moved to Thailand, where he became an English Teacher and a copywriter. He now lives in Bangkok.
The Weavers
By M.J. Casey
Michael’s life is pretty dull. Every day is pretty much the same, give or take a few mundane differences. Until one day, whilst sitting in his office, he receives a strange phone call from someone claiming to be a version of him from another universe. Riches beyond imagination, constant International travel, clandestine organizations, physics defying phenomena; all these things become a part of his day to day life. And then he learns about The Weavers.
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