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By Michelle Fidalgo

Eric Marks, a sophomore starter for the Adams High Patriots, must accept math tutoring to keep playing as the team heads for the second round of the playoffs. Counselors choose Karelys Lopez, girlfriend of his rival Dave Pitts. When Eric finds that Dave has hit Karelys, Eric tries to convince her to leave him. Eric’s sister Belle, a track star, opts to take human growth hormone. The Patriots play crosstown rivals Northside; though they win in a squeaker, Dave fights and is lost to the team for the final game. Center Clyde Williams, who has been taking steroids, must do without them and is not one hundred percent. Eric realizes that, despite his youth, he must step up and take a leadership role. During the state championship game, Adams battles Winchester and wins the state championship. Though Eric does not win Karelys, he feels pride in what he and his team have achieved.
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Vanishing Blue
By Cheryle L. Linturn

Claire O’Leary was an intelligent woman who lived in Boston, Massachusetts, but because of a genetic ability to feel and hear things
that, quite frankly, weren’t from this world, her life was unusual, chaotic and sometimes terrifying. Although, she understood that the world was made up of many variables it didn’t make it any easier when she was dealing with spirits, shadows and links to unnatural horrific creatures that went bump in the night. Okay, maybe that should be reworded to evil creatures that attacked in the night. Claire didn’t pay much attention to ghosts that confronted her daily, until Gabe Walden, writer and love of her life, decided to take a bike ride in the country and found himself lost. That’s when he discovered a little town called Hanover, changing their lives forever when he’d encountered a spirit of a little girl he called “Vanishing Blue.”
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A Deal with the Devil
By Colin Duffy

Jason Spencer is an ordinary man living an ordinary life until one day his wife, Amy, doesn't come home. Despite all efforts to find her, it's as if she vanished into thin air without a trace. Jason fears and prepares for the worst, until a mysterious stranger appears who says he has the answers. His explanations, however, smack of pure conspiracy theory. But what if he's right? What if the impossible was suddenly possible? How far will Jason stretch his beliefs to know if his wife is still alive? And what will this do to his own sanity?

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Blood Moon Rising
By Charlene Mattson

(3rd book in the William Tenys series)
Here a Wolf, There a Wolf…
William Tenys is taking a much need vacation out of Altria city for a while. Some country air, fresh food picked from the orchard, maybe a lithe farm girl or two to ease his lonely heart after the loss of Farrin and generally a chance to get out of the city for a while. He finds what he things will be the perfect place for some solitary thoughts but he is instead thrust in the middle of two warring clans. A murder has been committed and both sides are demanding answers. What’s worse is that no matter what that answer is, the two clans will likely go to bloody battle with each other and bring down William and anyone else in the vicinity with them. To top it all off, both clans are families of werewolves and neither group in particular has humanity’s best interests at heart. In order to save his fellow man, stave off a bloody civil war and get paid, William has to figure out who the murderer was, why the person did it, and how to stop it from happening again. And the full moon is coming….
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