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Into the Other
By Livian Grey

Faced with imprisonment, Josie encounters a malignant man named Calder, who offers her a way out at a high price: she must give him her firstborn baby. Though Josie tries to break the deal, Calder returns to take what he claims is rightfully his. Years pass as Josie’s child is raised by Calder in a realm called The Other. A twist of fate brings her child home, but Calder refuses to let Josie have her way when he returns to present her with a more harrowing choice.
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Herta Tanner, a young Canadian woman, inherits a cottage in Bavaria, Germany, as well as an unusual job. She believes she must be a pimp for vampires. Herta's main goal is to 'get her life together' and she needs to overcome the insecurities of a nasty divorce. A friend or two wouldn't come amiss either. The folks of the nearby town of Kochberg hate her either for her family connections or because they know what she represents. Her biggest stumbling block is simple cultural differences. Can Herta keep her temper?
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Daily Devotional Ebenezer
By Yvette Van Niekerk

Looking at the name of my Daily Devotional Book must make you wonder why Ebenezer’?  It’s simple really; this book was written mainly to honor the Lord for helping me in so many aspects of my life.  Writing never seemed a possibility to me because of me being dyslexic.  So what
changed?  The Lord Jesus changed my life!  It is my desire that each day will have a significate message for you and that it will inspire and encourage you daily.  May the Holy Spirit touch your lives!
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Live to Tell
By  Livian Grey

At the end of his latest book tour, writer Stephen Brooks is approached by Jacinta Collins, a girl from his past, who asks him to write a damning tell-all about her father’s involvement with a secret cult responsible for numerous kidnappings. Conflicted at first over whether to help, Stephen eventually puts his family in danger from the Brotherhood of Karden, led by a strange woman named Renata Williams, who has gone to great lengths to conceal her crimes. Stephen now has to decide if the chance to write another best seller is worth risking his life.
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