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Christopher S. Allen
Outside of Steele
Ted Blasche
Rust Bucket Chronicles
Ted holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and Master's Degrees in Communication Arts and Human Relations.
Christopher S. Allen began writing novels and short stories for publication at the age of 18 and received his first publication at the age of 21.
M.J. Casey
The Weavers
Mary Frances Cavallaro
More Than Love
The Tale of Callista Vagare
After completing a diploma in Social Science and communication he went on to get a degree in Fine Art, with other short courses and benefit seeking ventures in between.
Mary Frances Cavallaro is a graduate of Chestnut Hill College with her B.A. in English, was born and raised in South Philadelphia, PA.  With Edgar Allan Poe as her favorite author and influence in her work, she enjoys writing gothic and mystery stories.
Embe Charpentier
Beloved Dead
Sparks (as Michelle Fidalgo)
Andrea Churchill
The Lerewood
Andrea Churchill is a writer with a passion for creativity. Her dream is to bring the many worlds in her head to life, all while entertaining others and bringing her fans joy. She has a list of more than twenty ideas for novels she'd like to complete!
Her status as living troupe - the English teacher driven to publish a novel - notwithstanding, Embe Charpentier's belief in the value of self-expression remains undimmed. Creative fiction must possess a firm basis in the passions, truths, and heart of its author.
Reynold Conger
Reducing Medical Costs...
at the cost of health
E. Lynn Cormick
Der Reizen
E. Lynn Cormick currently herds cats in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. In order to get up the courage to write a book, Lynn has worked as a taxi driver, an aircraft mechanic, and an office clerk. When not writing, she knits, crochets, and does all manner of other needle crafting.

Reynold Conger is a retired scientist and teacher. He writes fiction by embellishing his imagination with his life experiences and with what he sees of life around him. Life can be stranger than fiction. Sometimes life experience enriches fiction.
K.L. Dimago
Amethyst: Rise to Piracy
Imprisoned Heart
Paul Day
The Churchill Legacy
Paul Day was educated in Essex, England. He first worked as an engineering apprentice, served as a submariner in the Royal Navy and as a Navigation Officer in the Merchant Navy.
Author of fantasy and lover of reading, coffee, and animals (especially her dogs), K.L. Dimago is a little quirky and a lot of fun. She advocates pursuing your dreams and passions and lives in Texas with her husband and sons.
Francisco Duarte
Dreams of Realities Forgotten
Colin Duffy
A Deal with the Devil
The Final Conflict
Author of fantasy and lover of reading, coffee, and animals (especially her dogs), K.L. Dimago is a little quirky and a lot of fun. She advocates pursuing your dreams and passions and lives in Texas with her husband and sons.
Colin Duffy has loved books for as long as he can remember. One of his first favorite books as a child was an abridged children's version of "War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells.
Alan R. Graham
Right of Human
George L. Duncan
Bay Island Beauty
Last Stand at Lighthouse Point
Alan runs a wildlife rehab sanctuary in Belize. It is a mad world he shares with many furry, feathered and scaly critters - some quite friendly, some not. He is a published writer and photographer of over 20 years on subjects of natural history and film making. Now's he's hard into fiction.
George L. Duncan is an avid golfer but his game was nowhere near good enough for the PGA tour, so he turned to writing. He has been a reporter, editor and editorial writer for a variety of newspapers.

Jill Hand
The Blue Horse
Livian Grey
Live to Tell

Livian in a Western Australian native with a BA in Writing. She has been self-publishing for nearly five years and began writing at age 11, starting with short stories then moving to novels. She believes words are like weapons and should be used with great care.
Jill Hand has lots of stories to tell, the weirder the better. She is deputy editor of New Realm magazine. Her work has appeared in more than thirty publications and in several anthologies. The Blue Horse is her first book.
Pamela Hill
Festival of Beasts

Richard Phillip Hoffman
Clan of Midnight
The Awakening of Samantha Stein
At the age of six, Pamela woke from a nightmare sparked from an argument with a childhood friend. She slipped from her blankets, sat by moonlight, and wrote an apology
Richard Phillip Hoffman is a lifetime resident of California, a graduate of CSUCI, a writer, a video game player and an avid movie-goer. As a child he had always been a dreamer always imagining the exploring

Cheryle L. Linturn
Vanishing Blue
Joshua Jennings
New Blood

It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to be able to slot the pieces together and make them work both on a logical and cathartic level. Getting every detail right is as rewarding as much as it is often frustrating
An author/artist and graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting, she’s won various Editor’s choice awards for her poetry, including Winter’s Chill which has a darker supernatural side to it that helped lead her down the road to writing paranormal/mystery novels.
Marily Matice
The Adirondack Chairs

Charlene Mattson
The Curious Case of Prince Charming
The Glass Slipper Conspiracy
Blood Moon Rising
Marilyn Ruby Matice is an avid reader and writer of many genres and spends her summers relaxing and reading at some of the many lakes in Northern Saskatchewan. She enjoys her garden, grandchildren and sitting on her patio writing stories.
Charlene Mattson is a writer and adult education instructor living in north-central British Columbia, Canada with her husband, her sister, a close friend, her son, two cats and a dog.
Sarah Natale
The Kiss of Death
Billy Pepitone
Lake of Fire

Sarah has been called an L.A. Gal (Language Arts Girl) due to her passion for words. She loves reading, writing, figure skating, and playing classical piano. She can be found surrounded by books with an open notebook, pen in hand.
Billy Pepitone is a retired member of the New York City Police Department, having served twenty years in the nation’s largest local law enforcement agency. During his decorated career, the Brooklyn, New York native was a first responder to numerous high profile incidents
C.J. Piatti
The Wizards' Roman Revolution
Charlie Purple
The Secret Code of the Dead
C.J. (Christopher John) Piatti lives in The Greater Toronto Area. He graduated from Durham College with a diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology. He found life as a lab technician disenchanting at best.
Charlie Purple was born in 1959. He was born within the sound of bow bells when the wind blew in the right direction, so he classes himself as a peripheral cockney. Studying physics at University allowed him to approach his stories with a more realistic scientific aspect.
Boyd Reynolds
Bitch of a Witch

Jeffrey G. Roberts
Cherries in Winter
Boyd Reynolds is a freelance writer and educator living in Vancouver, Canada. He has published short stories for children, teenagers and adults. His other published works include newspaper articles, educational non-fiction pieces and pop culture commentary.

Jeffrey has been published in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and fantasy/comedy. He's written "Cherries In Winter" with Kellan Publishing, and "The Healer" with He lives in Tucson, Arizona - land of cacti and UFO's

Jason Russell
Rogues Academy Saga

Peter Andrew Sacco
Heads or Tails
The Lost Tunnel of Love

Jason published novelist and magazine editor, Jason Russell has been producing literature for as long as he can remember. He is currently working intently on the second part of the Rogues Academy Saga.
Peter Andrew Sacco is an author and criminal psychology professor.Sacco is also host of the TV series Niagara's Most Haunted and the radio show Mental Health Matters. He resides in picturesque Niagara Falls, Canada
Kate Sebeny
The Last Best Thing

Jeff Striker
The Last Recruit

A lifelong Iowan with an M.A. in English, Kate’s won numerous artist grants and awards. She’s taught writing at two universities, and held editorships at a national magazine and a regional newspaper. Kate’s also a serial rehabber with a serious pet habit.
Jeff Striker is a short story author and novelist. As a graduate of Fairmont State University in West Virginia, he holds degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.
C.J. Turpin
The salvage of Rapha

Yvette van Niekerk
Daily Devotional Ebenezer
C.J. Turpin was raised by a mother whose perceptiveness borders on telepathy and a father who sees the love of God in the pheromone trails of ants. They helped her appreciate how beautifully science and faith, the natural and the supernatural, intertwine.
Yvette van Niekerk is a ‘Stay at home mom’ who lives in Emalahleni, South Africa.  Enjoys baking and teaches Sunday school.  She loves to blog and enjoys freelance writing.  She is a wife, mom and step-mom, and grandma of three beautiful girls.  She has a Diploma in Ministry and Leadership; Christian Life Training.
R.T. Vermaak
The Wisdom of Sage

T.M. Wagenmaker
Singularity and Survival

C.J. Turpin was raised by a mother whose perceptiveness borders on telepathy and a father who sees the love of God in the pheromone trails of ants. They helped her appreciate how beautifully science and faith, the natural and the supernatural, intertwine.
Being interested in theology and technology this book was a natural fit for him to write, but his children wonder where he comes up with his ideas.
Joey Willis
The Mountains
Joey Willis began writing for people at age fifteen, when he habitually snuck out of his parents’ house at two in the morning to deliver devotionals to the doorstep of his closest friends.