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Book Lovers: Whether you're looking for romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror or crime novels, you've come to the right place. We have a variety of books written by new and seasoned authors to give our customers unique, one-of-a-kind books you can't purchase through any other publisher.
Authors: Do you have a finished, unpublished manuscript looking for a home? We are always looking for new works by new and previously published authors. At Kellan Publishing, authors never pay to be published. We offer limited editing, book cover design, marketing and publishing for all works we accept.
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We have a lot of talented authors just waiting to meet you and introduce you to their characters.
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Kellan Publishing believes in more than just making a buck. Here we work with our authors, helping them to market, answering questions and providing feedback. We have a community of authors here that enjoy being a part of a company, part of a family - instead of just another contract. Submit your work for consideration.

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Before you submit your work for consideration, be sure to read our FAQ section to find out what we do and don't accept, our guidelines, royalties and so much more. Be sure to read the benefits of becomming a Kellan Publishng author.
Our submission guide has everything you need (and then some) for submitting your manuscript to us for publishing consideration. The guide is free and it is a good idea to go ahead and read before you submit.
You can submit your synopsis and other information here. We do not accept full manuscripts for consideration. If we are interested, we will contact you for the first two chapters of your work to review.