Dan Jones
Dan Jones hails from South Wales, but since experiencing a holiday in la Belle France in the early 1980’s has felt he is a Frenchman at heart. He studied classical guitar in Wales’ national conservatoire and went on to lecture there for twelve years. Dan’s writing portfolio encompasses a range of music tutor books, including an audiobook for visually-impaired guitarists, and his performing career has taken him across Europe and Asia. A diverse teaching CV includes posts in national conservatoires, prisons, a major international school and écoles de musique in rural villages. In 2010, Dan, his wife Kirsty and their children Flo and Sam moved to France to experience a gentler mode de vie. During this time, the family’s tendency to accept offers of abandoned fluffy creatures meant that their plot soon became home to goats, hens, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters – indeed, a small petting zoo.

Dan continued his teaching, performing and recording career, and has loved the opportunity to collect the anecdotes and tips which make up Extracting Goats… Dan enjoys composing, musical arrangement, writing humorous poetry, road running, river swimming, homebrewing, chasing insomniac chickens and being butted by his goats. He presently passes his time between France and Scotland where, between performing, writing and composing, he lectures at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

To be released January 27, 2019
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Extracting Goats from Jean-Claude’s Kitchen
Musician DAN JONES abandons a stable career in South Wales for family life in a sleepy French village. He battles technophobe fonctionnaires and The Speedo Police, yet shares his love of an environment where Health and Safety regulations support the school tradition of dangling fireworks into naked flames and where children are revered almost as much as red wine and offal. Having inadvertently acquired a petting zoo, he is driven to near-insanity by a goat and a rabbit. Dan exposes the macabre firefighters’ calendar, his village’s animatronic nativity scene and the glorious incompetence of The Hunt. Elderly neighbours teach la Famille Jones the wisdom of lunar gardening and septic tank management and Dan embraces the country practice of non-fatal mushroom gathering (as demonstrated by an eleven-year-old boy).

En route, he learns when to kiss friends of all genders without attracting violent reproach, uncovers the hazards of wandering accent syndrome and reveals the folly of pretending to be French at boozy château weddings. Dan experiences the surreal world of European concert life and highlights how flippantly proposing to play at a French funeral can backfire. Extracting Goats… is the insider guide to a successful integration.
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