Paul Handley
Paul grew up in the Midwest with short stints in Rhode Island and Florida, landing as an adult in the mountain west.  He enjoys collecting cheap bourbon, shooting free throws with his daughter, hanging with his wife, and skiing a couple times a year.  He is thrilled to visit his favorite corner oasis a block and half away from his home which contains an independent bookstore, independent movie theater, and record store.  He prays for their survival.  

Paul spent a career as a student and a student of odd jobs.  He has graded fish in Alaska, driven a cab, sold meat door-to-door, and was the Director of a truck driving school.  A near disastrous high school experience that included repeating his freshman year in a Catholic Military school was partially redeemed by a heavy reading habit. 

The authors that saved him were many of the usual suspects such as John Irving, Steven King, W. Somerset Maugham, George Orwell, John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, and Kurt Vonnegut   Paul’s most recent favorites are Aimee Bender, Patrick DeWitt, Adam Johnson, Sam Lypsyte, Anthony Marra, and Lorrie Moore.  Writers that inspired this book are Peter Benchley, Frank Bill, Harry Crews, Jordan Harper, Donald Ray Pollock, and Dave Zeltserman.  Television influences are Breaking Bad, Fargo and True Detective.

     A scientist named Bill creates a hybrid eel of the sacred Maori New Zealand and North American eels. He recruits Lorne and a classmate named Petra to help him simulate the Sargasso Sea of the Bermuda Triangle in a small inlet off Rhode Island. Taniwha is the queen eel created by Bill and taniwha is a Maori belief about a guardian monster.

     Bill becomes more explicit with his motivation for creating super eels and an eel sanctuary.  Eels have become a valuable commodity because of laws prohibiting their catch, environmental damage, and high demand from Chinese and Japanese markets. 

     The local head of the Canadian-French mob called the Bay Rats, is a man known as Bubbles who was an enemy of Bill’s when they were kids.  The Bay Rats have junior members, including the Crevet twins who torment Lorne.  Bubbles becomes aware of the illicit sales competition from Bill and his eels.  In the town of New Wirral there are rumors of Bermuda Triangle-like occurrences and Lorne’s mother, Charla becomes instrumental in the creation of an eel cult.   

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