Submission Guidelines
Do you have a finished, unpublished manuscript looking for a home? We are always looking for new works by new and previously published authors. At Kellan Publishing, authors never pay to be published. We offer limited editing, book cover design, marketing and publishing for all works we accept.

Kellan Publishing believes in more than just making a buck. Here we work with our authors, helping them to market, answering questions and providing feedback. We have a community of authors here that enjoy being a part of a company, part of a family - instead of just another contract.

So, come on in and let's get started in the process.
Kellan Publishing’s goal is to publish new, original and engaging short stories, novellas and novels and then provide these books to readers around the world.

About our Publications:

50,000 plus words
30,000 plus words
15,000 plus words
(3 novels or novellas in a series)
35,000 to 50,000 words each book
Before submitting your manuscript, please download and read our free submissions guide.