Trent Mills
Trent Mills is the author of Interment as well as two other books which were published; Dry Lands and Affliction I Have Seen. Writing stories has always been a hobby, and since he was a child, he has been creative. He uses his nightmares and dark images of the mind to create works to scare his readers.

Trent is a Colorado native, a graduate of Adams University, a devoted Denver Bronco fan, and an avid arrowhead hunter. HeĀ  was born in Walsh, CO in 1983. He was raised on a farm where milo, wheat, and corn are grown.

When Trent isn't writing, he's spending time with his family. He is married and has two daughters that are his heart and world. They live happily in the country surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Will the darkness consume the light?

Trent Mills' Interment is a horrific psychological thriller that will take you to death and back to the land of the living. He continues to frighten readers with another genuinely terrifying tale.

Mara Edwardson and her friends Adam and Randel have found a way to contact the dead. By taking turns burying each other alive in the local cemetery, they can enter the memory of the deceased. When they find and use an unmarked grave on a knoll next to a willow tree, the answers they were seeking will be found. Nothing will be as it seems. What began as innocent fun turns into a deadly game of survival.
Is there an afterlife? Can we change predetermined fate?

In a gruesome and blasphemous place where no light is present, Mara is held captive. Her companions will attempt a rescue mission, with the one person who can save her. Traumatic childhood memories of cruelty will surface as all is revealed. The reaping of souls has begun with only love serving as a means of protection.
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